Martha E. Lang:
Editor and Writing Coach

Editor. Author. Scholar.



The written word can allow anyone to inform, inspire, and transform others. Yet finding the right words and expressing them clearly can be quite challenging. As a nonfiction editor and writing coach, my ultimate goal in working with you is to help you become a better writer. My 30 years of experience as an author, educator, and editor provide me with unique qualifications to accomplish just that:

  • I have provided editing and coaching to over 1,000 individuals, including high schools students, college students, industry professionals, English as a foreign language (EFL) writers, and university professors.

  • I work effectively across multiple disciplines and genres. My Ph.D. from Brown University in medical sociology and social demography emphasized an interdisciplinary approach. Therefore, I am able to edit and coach with ease across multiple areas of the social sciences, sciences, and humanities. It has also allowed me to effectively transition to editing trade, technical, and self-help manuscripts.

  • My success as a published author, textbook reviewer, and peer reviewer allow me unique insight into the necessary steps for successful publication.

  • My experience as a formal writing instructor for students of all levels of ability allows me to provide editing and coaching feedback that is kind, clear, specific, and motivational.

You may be looking at my picture and asking yourself, "what is that hat on her head?" It is a Quaker bonnet that forms a part of my religious observance. While I keep my work and religious lives separate, the values of Quakerism such as integrity, social equity, and clarity do guide my approach to editing and coaching. Together, they also inform my underlying work philosophy: that each piece of writing constitutes a form of storytelling, and that each writer has a unique voice and truth to share through their narrative.

I would like to speak with you about how I might assist you with your specific editing or coaching needs. Please contact me today for a free initial consultation via phone, videoconference, or in person. This 30-minute consultation will allow us to discuss your particular editing or coaching needs and how I might meet those needs. Our consultation will also allow me to provide an accurate estimate of the cost of my services for your particular project.


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