The type of editing or writing coach services you need depends on your desired outcomes. Here is a brief guide to my services for each with a full description of each below:

  • For a careful review of the overall structure of your manuscript, the logic of your presentation of argument and evidence, and guidance on ensuring that your manuscript follows the conventions of the field in which you are writing, please see Structural Editing Services.

  • For a line-by-line analysis of your manuscript that addresses your use of style, language, and tone as well as any issues with syntax, repetition or redundancy, please see Line Editing Services.

  • For a check and correction of the grammar, spelling, and punctuation of your document as well as formatting for consistency and/or to meet stylesheet* conventions, please see Copyediting Services

  • For support in successfully completing a large writing project, increasing your productivity, or meeting ongoing writing deadlines, please see Writing Coach Services: General.

  • For assistance in overcoming writer's block, procrastination, or a lack of confidence in your ability to write well, please see Writing Coach Services: Motivation.

  • For tutoring to address specific writing issues or receive formal instruction in writing for high school, college, graduate school or the professions, please see Writing Coach Services: Tutoring.      





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