Testimonials & Awards


“A special thank you to Martha Lang for your brilliant assistance and expertise with editing, and for walking me through this process in such a kind and compassionate way. "

Jamie Rezmovitz, Co-editor of Evolving Leadership for Collective Wellbeing

“Dear Martha, Thank you for your great comments. You substantially improved the [dissertation] with regard to academic language."

Anonymous client*

“I am excited to tell you that because of you, I have been asked to send my manuscript to a Literary Agent! Woo Hoo! I know that your professionalism, accuracy, timeliness, and patience while working with me were the only reasons I was asked to send my manuscript! Again thanks so much for your help!!! Also, be prepared for more work, because I'm sure I will need you again! Woo Hoo, I'm in the Clouds!!!"

Charisse Gilbreath, author of Road Map to the One

"Martha has done an amazing job helping me write articles geared towards a specific audience. I've always found writing challenging and have been over critical in this area. Martha's constructive, kind, sincere, and encouraging feedback makes her top notch for a writing coach and editor."

Dr. Mark Luongo, Chiropractor and owner of

Carolina Head & Spine Clinic of Chiropractic

*Editing was done through a third-party agency and therefore the name of the client may not be disclosed. 

Awards & Recognition

Angelic Trouble Maker Award: Bayard Rustin Center for LGBTQA Education, Activism & Reconciliation

Best Organizational Advisor: Guilford College Community Senate, Dick Dyer Award, Guilford College 

Faculty Hearts and Hands Award: Guilford College Community Senate, Dick Dyer Award, Guilford College 

Nomination: The Barrett Hazeltine Award for Excellence in Teaching, Brown University

Nomination: Instructor of a Best Course at Tufts, Sophomore Experience Survey, Tufts University